About Wildcard Studios

Wildcard Studios is a synergistic business that has 4 core focuses.  3D Designs and Animation,  Application and Game Programming, ITAAS (IT As a Service) and Cinematography / Post Production.


Cinematography / Post Production


Our studio focuses on advanced cinematography techniques from color grading to CG implementation using 3D Tracking tools.  We have multiple systems for cutting film scenes and getting everything perfect for your event. whether it be a birthday, holiday party, social event and much more.

Our cinematographers and photographers are very friendly and knowledgeable of their equipment which guarantees that you get the best shots in the best atmosphere available.


We specialize in Glamour Shoots, Weddings,  Ceremonies and much more. We have boom mics for getting up close and personal audio and high profile photography cameras.

Application and Game Design


Our studio has released and continue to release games and applications for various platforms. You can see our entire roster here: Current Game Roster.

We develop on the following platforms:

Xbox-one-logo-2 WiiU razer oculus-rift-transparent-300x168 apple Linux Windows_10_Logo.svg maxresdefault 512px-Android_robot Steam_Icon 20160201htc-vive-pre-virtualis-valosag_zuxn.1920

Information Technology As a Service


Our IT services range from setting up databases and much more, however combining the other aspects of our business we are able to solve many IT problems you may have.

You may want to have an application developed that would read from a server MySQL database or have a game created that would send results to a server database for storage or even network capability.

3D Computer Generated Graphics


Our systems are more than capable of rendering high quality 3D Animations for product advertisement or even game production.  Looking to have a 3D Avatar represent your brand that you can call your own?   Just let us know the products in question and how you want it branded and we will generate a 3D character that will represent your brand.



Contact Us

You can reach us on our contact page for various reasons. Which can be found here:  Contact Us