Android EverDungeon Version 12 Released (Early Access)


EverDungeon, Our latest Early Access game for android has been updated to version 12. Updating a lot of features, In app purchases and so much more.  Be sure to check out the game’s website at:

Web: Main Site

Android Store:  Google Play

Give the game a download and also be sure to get the EverDungeon AR Codes here:

Download AR Codes

The base AR Codes allow you to craft in the comfort of your own areas, setup ore areas for you or other players and more more.


We will continue to push for a final product. but in the meantime. feel free to make In app purchases ingame to unlock characters and more.  Get them now while they are cheap!  All purchases will be kept beyond Early Access.  Also, Those who purchase during early access will be rewarded plenty when the game comes out of Early Access.