Wildcard Studios to release JRPG Style Augmented Reality Game EverDungeon to Google Play Store

Wildcard Studios to premiere EverDungeon Early Access to the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store featuring Pokemon Go! style travel system, ATB Combat system and so much more.


EverDungeon utilizes various features ingame. Primarily Augmented Reality to unlock various secrets in our real world environments as well as trading items, equipment, spells. Also creating a Real life online store to trade and sell you ingame items for ingame gold pieces.

Beta Character Select Menu

The cornerstone of almost all RPG’s is the Class system. Here in EverDungeon each character class fits a player style of play. From healing to being the tank. Stats play a major role here in EverDungeon.  You can only play one character at a given time.  Your (Designated) home is your ‘base of operations’ where you can swap characters.  

The combat system is still being worked on but works for the most part. it’s a active time based system. Play smart. The maximum amount of monsters on screen can vary especially in multiplayer mode. We want to make it so that if your with a group of your friends out and treasure hunting or just taking territory from other players you can do so in groups.


We utilize our own Social and Market systems here at Wildcard Studios.  While it is optional to play without our services ingame. Nothing will be tracked. Databases and characters are stored.


There is a ton more of features however we are looking for your help in this Early Access. Register on The community site and use that same login to login to EverDungeon.  Check out GameCore Community here.

If your interested in joining our alpha/beta tests join the Community site and request it!