Upcoming Projects for Year 2020

We are preparing 2020 with new projects. The primary projects that we are working and completing in 2020 is as follows:

Project Survival is a City Building Survival Sim that allows you to build cities and survive cataclysmic events. Roam your own city and build up factories, weapons, advanced research and so much more. Live players (Up to 300 players) can join your game and live in your constantly growing city. Taking on the role as a mayor or engineer you build up everything from surviving major disasters to apocalyptic events. Players come in as Civilians and can take up various roles in your city or elect them as officials and assist in building up and maintaining the city.

Disasters such as : Zombie Outbreak, Alien Attack (3 categories), Major Storms, Droughts, Meteor (Minor, Major, apocalyptic), Earth Quakes, Sea Rising, Global Warming,

We will have more details as this project comes to fruition.

Magical Tailoress is a JRPG Inspired game about friendships, betrayal, romance, trade and more.  Play as one of many heroes in this permanent death campaign where if your characters dies you close off major parts of the storyline. Explore their personalities as they go about saving the world against a possessed queen.

While the kickstarter has not been fulfilled we are still working on this project. We may work on a Indiegogo fund down the line. You can view more info about the project here:

Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrisvann/magical-tailoress/

Website: magicaltailoress.com


Realms of Darkness is a action strategy where your goal is to raid other players castles and dungeons that are hand crafted and seeded with traps that could be activated by the Trap Master (Player Boss). These traps can range from simple spikes in the wall to advanced room triggers where you can drown, die from gas traps or traps that pull the oxygen out of the air.

There is a campaign that is set in place however focus is being put on the multiplayer at the moment.




World of Music is a Action Adventure game about bringing peace to a war torn isle. 2 bards or singers are on the prowl to linking back up the fallen villages and aiding to their reconstruction. More details will be released soon.


Be sure to check out Blindside GameStudios for their progress