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Welcome to Wildcard Studios.

My name is Chris and i’m the CEO | Operations Manager of the company. Wildcard Studios originally started out as a tech company back in the early 2000’s. Offering tech services such as virus removal, OS repair, Data recovery and the key core services to get your platform running.

We’ve partnered with various companies that specialized in cinematography and post production that has taught us a lot to bring your products, services to life in the form of commercial ads and shorts (movies). We’ve branched out to filming and editing as well as motion graphics and CG creation considering we would want to tie all that in together.

Overtime we’ve branched out heavily into software development. Started out as building software that can solve our daily needs internally. Tools and Utilities to make our previous services run smoother in terms of automation.

We’ve decided to publicize our software services and even work as a publisher on releasing games and software through us as we release our own.  We offer webs services through GoDaddy hosting to get everything setup for you in terms of your own websites that we will assist in building up for you. Walk you through the tough aspects.

You have employees and need a project management solution so you can see who is working on what ? We definitely can assist you in that as well. The goal is to make sure your self-sufficient and not relying on other services to be paying monthly and save some money on your behalf.

Thus with our sectors of services combined we form a Synergistic company that relies on eachother. Our Software department would create software to aid in productivity in the Cinematography and Post Production pipeline. Or the Cinematography section would work with our Game Development section to work on ads and trailers for the games.

In the end. We offer our Synergistic services to you.  If you have a product or service that needs our touch we can definitely assist you. If your product or service requires a website. an App and domain we can definitely package everything up for you.

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Our basic services include:

  • Web Design (Backend) and Hosting
  • Application Creation and Design
  • Game Creation and Design
  • Project Management
  • Publishing Assistance
  • Motion Graphics

More is available when submitting a quote. You can submit a quote for your project here:

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Application and Software Development

Here is a listing of our current App and Games we have published and work in progress.

Magical Tailoress is a JRPG inspired game about a sole tailor who is down on her luck and afflicted with a rare disease comes across a very, very valuable item. So valuable that multiple nations will do anything for it. Your choices in this world affects everything. We believe in the butterfly effect where-as an insignificant change to you can trigger something different else-ware.  The current project as of now is still in development. All the screenshots and gameplay does not represent the final product. 

Official Website

Sketch Wars. Fun for all ages. Singles Play or Tournament Play.

We have created Sketch Wars for the causal gamer with family and/ or friends that loves to draw and guess. We have added a competitive edge to it so that things will get very interesting. Above all. We hope you have fun with our upcoming title.

ESRB Rating: E

Official Website

Cube Blitz is a physics based puzzle game that will test your skills using the GamePad. Your goal is to get all the gems to the bottom goal line while preventing all the stones, gems and industrial bricks from going over the foul line. You are equipped with 3 bombs and an area bomb that has to be used wisely. There are 4 play modes ranging from easy to very difficult that focuses on different play styles.

Using the GamePad you have to tap or multi-tap the stones to break them up on screen to allow the gems to fall to the goal line. The only bricks you cannot break are the industrial bricks. The speed of the drops increase over time requiring you to use the bombs to break the industrial blocks.

Each difficulty level has a set score you have to achieve before you complete that difficulty level.

ESRB Rating: E

Official Website

Wizards:Home is a homage to a old favorite SNES game called Troddlers. Based on the ability to get the lemming-like dolls to the exit safely without any hitches. There is over 100+ levels with various biomes that you must traverse. You must also obtain the gems on every level.

ESRB Rating: E10

Official Website

Cinematography & Post Production.


One of our projects filming a Indie Artist. Filming and editing everything together.



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