Greetings Everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted. It’s been very busy as of late and currently working to get our Game Dev projects completed.  They are very much still active. Two of the active projects are Magical Tailoress as well as Project Survival – Survival of the Worlds.   More details about the game projects […]

Wildcard Studios News

Greetings everyone! We’ve all been busy dealing with the long term effects of COVID-19 and Wildcard Studios is no different. We’ve had to cut back on hours and much more. But we are still here. We just want to let everyone know that we have a few things in the pipeline in the next coming […]

Latest Updates!

Greetings! We are working hard on a few projects and cant wait to get our project released on PC as well as consoles. Follow us on our socials to get more details!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

During this time. We will be out of office until Jan 1’st of 2020.  We will be making new announcements with new products, services and much more then. Be safe everyone! Have a happy holiday.

Expanding our Services

Greetings! As our post states. Starting 2020 we will be expanding our services beyond game development publishing.  Utilizing various engines and applications we will be working with a lot of small businesses to provide solutions to integrating advanced technology into their workflow. We will update the website with more details as we reach the new […]

Upcoming Projects for Year 2020

We are preparing 2020 with new projects. The primary projects that we are working and completing in 2020 is as follows: Project Survival is a City Building Survival Sim that allows you to build cities and survive cataclysmic events. Roam your own city and build up factories, weapons, advanced research and so much more. Live […]

Progress and Updating Website

Greetings everyone! We are in the process of updating all of our websites since we have switched hosts. Due to our previous hosting plans being on legacy plans a lot of the materials had to be scrapped. That’s okay though.We will be rolling out all new changes and releasing our now new platform ‘GameCore’.   […]