Progress and Updating Website

Greetings everyone!

We are in the process of updating all of our websites since we have switched hosts. Due to our previous hosting plans being on legacy plans a lot of the materials had to be scrapped. That’s okay though.We will be rolling out all new changes and releasing our now new platform ‘GameCore’.


What is GameCore?

GameCore is a platform that we will be launching fairly soon that will tie into all of our released games linking all of our games (Mobile, Desktop, Indie and AAA) onto one platform. From cross platform save games to shared monetary units between all of our games that can be used to unlock / purchase games. More will be detailed as it gets close to release.

A prime example would be allowing you to use ‘Credits’ to purchase our games alongside purchasing mobile ingame gems and such across all games published under the Wildcard Studios GameCore Banner.  As long as the game is compatible with GameCore.



What is it not?

It is NOT another launcher. Lets let the Steam clients, Itch,io’s and Game Jolt clients handle our distribution digitally.


Blindside Game Studios

As we’ve mentioned on twitter. Our official game development studio is now officially Blindside Game Studios.  This department will spearhead all development of future games under the Wildcard Studios banner.

You can find their official website at:


Pardon our dust as we re-build our entire site.